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Sustainability and


At BB Print we are committed to protecting the environment and we strive every day to improve our procedures and measure the impact we have on the environment around us.
Through our membership with the Printing Industries Association of Australia, we have implemented environmentally sound printing practices that place a strong emphasis on sustainability.
Because we’re experts in the print industry and paper is the number one resource required, we meet our environmental commitment while still using the most suitable paper for your project.

We have a firm commitment to environmental sustainability.

We are proud to say that we have achieved an independent certification and accreditation for Sustainable Green Print (Level 2).



Print (SGP)

Sustainable Green Print (SGP) is the Australian Printing Industry’s own recognised certification program which ensures we meet our environmental responsibilities. Under its strict audit system, we have a firm responsibility to monitor our environmental impact and ensure that we strive to act in a sustainable manner.
Based on an ISO14001 framework, SGP allows us to manage the everyday demands of our clients and the ever-changing trends in dealing with environmental issues.
We obtained Level 2 accreditation for Sustainable Green Print in May 2013 and became North Queensland’s first SGP accredited company.
Our dedication to the environment ensures we use soy-based inks and the most sustainable papers available, while we recycle everything we can down to the rags and metal printing plates we use. The bulk of our energy is sourced directly from solar panels on the BB Print roof.
Being accredited means that we - BB Print staff and company - are not only performing the best possible practices to help protect the environment, but have the opportunity to engage with clients that are environmentally conscious.

Our promise is to continually be aware and think green in our everyday working surrounds, allowing us to stay focused and continue to work towards a cleaner and brighter future.


We are all responsible for the environment.