Logo Design

1. Distinguish yourself from the competition
The challenge of the perfect logo…. It can seem out of reach, but when you arrive at the right logo- it’s so very right. As a central design element for your business, logos represent the first point of communication between your brand and your audience. And in a world increasingly saturated with information and visual prompts, a logo can be an incredibly powerful tool to have at your disposal. But in order to create the perfect logo, there are certain things you should consider.

One of the most important things to recognise when devising a logo is that it has to stand up to the competition, and instantly communicate your point of difference in the marketplace. What sets your brand apart? What makes your brand unique? These questions are key when designing a logo. Although it is unlikely that you’ll be able to create something completely original, your goal should be to show your brand, in your own way. In order to create a logo with purpose, it’s imperative that you understand the meaning of the brand at a deeper level. Your logo has to function as a communication device to your audience, and should communicate the essence of your brand.


2. Keep it simple
Simplicity is king! The best logos are those that are easy to recognise, with a quirky twist. You don’t want your audience to have to pause and analyse your logo to understand what you’re about. The simpler logos are also much easier to translate across different mediums- your logo has to work on business cards, websites, brochures, videos… wherever your brand goes, your logo will go too. So it should be flexible in size, with movable elements to ensure the logo transcends paper


3. Choose between logo and logotype
Logos are composed of two elements; a brand name and a symbol. But some companies choose to stick with a logotype, such as Coca Cola, Ray Bans and IBM. Logotypes should be just as unique as a logo that stands alone. If your company’s name is especially striking, then logotypes could be a perfect representation of your brand. However, they’re not an option for every company.


Creating the perfect logo is definitely a challenge, but it’s crucial part of building your brand. Though it’s important to try to design something that will stand the test of time, don’t be afraid to allow your visual communication to evolve alongside your company.

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