The Benefits of Marketing with Postcards

Simple yet powerful, the humble post card can be used to convey an enormous amount of branding information. Aside from this, the post card is an ideal print marketing tool for smaller businesses and start-ups as they are economic to print and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. This week, we look at the key benefits of marketing with postcards.

Postcards lend themselves to a range of different marketing applications. They can be used as a branding exercise both in the mail and in-store, as a special offer voucher, as an invitation, as an oversized business card, as a miniature information sheet or even as a tag for products.

Lots of creative license
Anything goes when it comes to commercial post card design really and it’s a great opportunity to get creative with the philosophy of your brand. Visual metaphors, puns, cartoons, artwork, photography and even recipes are all examples of some of the creative ways postcards can be used not only as a branding tool, but as an aesthetically pleasing, humorous or practical piece of paper ephemera that consumers will want to keep around or display.

Cost effective
As they are just a single piece of card and relatively small, postcards, even full colour designs are fairly cost effective to print as they have no folding or finishing charges and cost very little to post. The low cost of postcards make it viable for smaller companies to run more frequent and larger scale campaigns to keep customers interested.

High readership
Because they don’t come wrapped or enclosed, postcards are almost always read by consumers as the message is so readily available. On study suggests that 80% of postcards sent to households are read and more than half of those recipients will be driven to making a purchasing decision as a result of receiving the postcard.

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